Joe Beasley, Master Trainer, Owner, Wellness Consultant, Speaker, Publisher, and Author.

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My Journey

I walked into a hole in the wall gym when I was 15 on the advice of my high school wrestling coach. Based on the direction of my life since then I’d say it was a pivotal moment. I got involved in Olympic style lifting and bodybuilding while working for several of the major gym chains through most of my 20s. After serving honorably in the U.S. Army I attended the University of Houston to study biology on the Army college fund. To earn extra money I started selling memberships at a local gym; one day a woman offered to pay me to teach her the proper way to perform the exercises she had found in a magazine and keep her motivated. Two weeks later I signed up for my first certification course at Sam Houston State University Medical School.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFast forward 25 years

I’m now the father of a thirteen year old named Katelyn, a Master Personal Trainer with over 50,000 hours of one on one training experience and the owner and creator of Fitness Logic and The Fitness Logic Method. Helping someone improve their physical health is an extremely gratifying experience to me. To see the spark in someone’s eyes when they’ve lost 20 pounds or hear their spouse thank me for helping their loved one get off of blood pressure medication makes it really fun to go to work every day.




10636138_1452396718354820_2522505774282578255_n (1)My main focus

Having spent 35 years of my life in the health and fitness industry as both a participant and a practitioner 1 fact has remained solid that entire time: the physical strength of your body is the foundation of all and everything relating to a fit and active life. Strong muscles keep you active and healthy and as soon as that starts to slip away so do you.